Black Masterbatches

A range of specially designed Black Masterbatch grades designed for film, moulding and compounding applications. The products include those, which offer very competitive colouring costs up to grades, which have high tinting strength and covering power.

Bedeko Europe has developed a standard range of black master batches based on PE, PS, EVA and universal polymers.
Carbon Black Concentrate in Plastics Industry: Properties and Benefits

Carbon black concentrate plays a significant role in the plastics industry. Let’s explore its properties and the advantages of using it in plastic materials:

Coloring and Pigmentation:
Technical carbon black, also known as Carbon Black, is a primary black pigment widely used in plastics manufacturing.
Adding carbon black concentrate allows for achieving intense, long-lasting coloration, especially in dark-colored products.
Mechanical Reinforcement:
Carbon black concentrate enhances the mechanical strength of plastic materials.
It is particularly useful in the production of items requiring greater tensile strength and impact resistance.
UV Resistance:
Technical carbon black provides UV protection, safeguarding plastics from degradation caused by UV radiation.
It is employed in products exposed to sunlight or other UV sources.
Chemical Resistance:
Carbon black concentrate can improve the chemical resistance of plastics.
It is valuable for manufacturing items that will come into contact with aggressive chemical agents.
Remember that the specific type of carbon black (e.g., its origin, particle size) can influence these properties. Before incorporating it into plastic compounds, conducting tests and assessments is recommended to tailor the amount and type of carbon black to the specific applicatio