Compatibilizers & Coupling Agents

mah totalbond

Total-Bond Polymer Compatibilizer/Coupling Agents enhances the value of Blended, Recycled and Reinforced Polymers.

Most pairs of polymers are immiscible with each other. Even worse is the fact that they also
have less compatibility than would be required in order to obtain the desired level of properties and performance from their blends. Compatibilizers are often used as additives to improve the compatibility of immiscible polymers and thus improve the morphology and resulting properties of the blend. Compatibilizers are used to promote interfacial adhesion between pair of polymer which are otherwise immiscible. They are compatible with one of the phases, these molecules tend to concentrate at the interfaces and stabilize them thus allowing finer dispersion of mutually incompatible pairs.

Coupling agents are chemicals which improve the interfacial properties of mineral fillers and polymers (they reduce the interfacial tension which is diadvnatageous rather than advantageous, but simultaneously they reduce the agglomeration tendency of filler particles, thus improving their accessibility to polymer molecules). Coupling agents usually react with the filler surface but exhibit at least one side group which react with the polymer matrix or is at least compatible with it.

BEDEKO EUROPE offers whole range of Total-Bond agents, which are chemically modified polymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP. POE, EVA) used as coupling agents, compatibilizers, wetting/dispersing agents, impact modifiers, scrap upgraders and chain extenders for polymer compounds. These modified polymers are typically Maleic Anhydride or Glycidyl Methacrylate functionalized and performs a variety of functions in different polymer systems.