Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Nano Transparent Filler Masterbatch. transparent-strunowki

Transparent Nano Filler Masterbatch was created and rose up to the tendency, which will help take high quality and saving cost into consideration. The high light and transparency are very well applied into PE/PP/PS/ABS, which improve the clearance and brightening of the plastic, and nano grade dispersion also is polymerized with the plastic resin.

Nano Masterbatch with High clearance feature with 10-30% dosage which will not affect the virgin material transparence.

High Brightening Transparent Nano Grade Filler Masterbatch with good dispersion purpose , easily used without any change of processing way.

Nano Transparent Filler Masterbatch will level up the tensile, toughness and break of the plastic articles.

Product Features:

Item Data  Situation
refractive index 1.48-1.59  Basically conforming to PP’s and PE’s refractive index of 1.43-1.63
film thickness 0.01mm-0.02mm  When the filling quantity is 15-30%, it won’t affect transparency of HDPE and it keeps basically the same as new material film
film thickness 0.01mm-0.02mm  As to LDPE film, when the filling quantity is 10-20%, it basically won’t affect the transparency
  • The masterbatch is characterized with medium specific gravity, excellent heat-seal and strong tensile strength.
  • The newly compounded multi-component mixed filling formula basically eliminates the phenomenon that film leading screw becomes white when HDPE blown film is operated. It also has shiny luster.
  • The product applies domestic pioneering technology and possesses great market application potential.

Product Advantages:

  • Tensile strength increase when processing.
  • Transverse tear strength of customer product has no obvious decrease.
  • It can improve product’s capability in heat resistance, bearing and leakage resistance as well as hardness and shock resistance.
  • If it is used on foaming product, it is helpful to foaming modification function; if it is used on blown film, it has the function of anti-block agent and antistatic function.
  • It can improve product’s printing and spraying performance and greatly reduce production cost.

Advantages Compared with Market Similar Products:

  • Our company’s product has large filling quantity as well as excellent fluidity, luster and hand feeling.
  • By application of the product, it is unnecessary to use anti-block agent.
  • It is characterized with toughening effect, atomization resistance, trickle resistance, lubrication assistance and plasticization assistance.
  • It can improve production efficiency and product flexibility so as to make product surface texture and hand feeling smoother. It also has antistatic function.

Application Method:
Before application, it should be mixed completely with polymer. According to different product’s requirements for physical mechanics properties, user can apply different filling rate of high-transparent nano filling masterbatch, ranging among 5-30%.