SPD – Single Pigment Dispersions

FullTone - Tint ToneSPD (Single Pigment Disperions) Mono-Concentrates are highly filled concentrates of inorganic or organic pigments dispersed in a specific carrier.

Bedeko Europe offers a broad selection of SPD Masterbatches covering the entire colour spectrum.

Our Mono Color Masterbatch are a single pigment concentrate usually 50-70% inorganic pigments and 30-40% organic pigments & dyes.

Depending on the application and quality demands we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Few business benefit includes:

  • As replacement of powder pigments to ensure dust free operations and ease of handling.
  • Reducing cleaning times between batches ensuring high production efficiencies with minimal wastage.
  • Its pre-dispersed characteristics find its suitability for manufacturing of Mono-Filaments, Thin Film, Tailor-made masterbatch and compounds.