Antisplit for PET Straps

pet strap
TOTAL-BOND RX 6000 is anti-splitting agent designed for enhance the strength, toughness and
impact of oriented PET Strapping Bands
and protect against splitting effect. Product is also highly
efficiency impact modifier of PP Strapping bands. RX 6000 effectively removes the longitudinal
splitting problems of the rPET strap and reinforce tensile strength and elongation.
Our additive also improve flexibility at low temperature.

Polyester strapping bands are manufactured by forming continuous strips of recycled polyester. They are extruded  under tension and heat in molecularly orienting strips in the longitudinal direction. Due to longitudinal tension of the rPET strap during the processing, molecular orientation and strength increasing in the longitudinal direction occurs. However the reduction of the strength at the lateral/transverse direction takes place due to the bending and necking stress. This leads to splitting effect of the rPET strapping bands once high tension is applied at the longitudinal direction.

Total-ADD RX 6000 improves PET strapping bands’ resistance to longitudinal cracking, especially in negative temperatures.


  • Protection against splitting effect
  • Improves impact strength
  • Provides low elongation
  • Provides superior flexibility
  • High filler acceptance
  • Extrusion high melt temp. up to 290°C – high output and productivity
  • Keep flexibility in negative temperatures (highly effective at low temp. -40°C)