Odour Absorber

ODOSORB NG – Odour Absorber Masterbatch suitable for eliminating unwanted odour in polymers.

Product offers effective, economical and environmentally safe formulation that’s fast acting at removing unpleasant polymer odours without the use of expensive and low-effective masking fruit fragrance agents.
Product doesn’t affect physical properties of the polymer, but make the recycled plastic unsuitable for consumer goods and further use. Product can be dosed as other masterbatches during production of regranulates or final product at any of polymer processing technology.

ODOSORB NG agent removes odours from:

  • packaging of household washing and cleaning liquids. (shampoo, etc.)
  • post agriculture films ( also effective at 1,5% with silage wrap stretch films)
  • fish and milk
  • degraded waxes, elastomers and plasticizers

ODOSORB NG eliminates odour (not covered/ mixed) immediately during homogenisation which solve also the odour problems during re-granulating process in plant.