Humidity Absorber

Desicco™ NG is new generation highly effective humidity absorber.Desicco NG folie

Desicco™ NG is new generation desiccant designed to bind moisture during the processing of plastic materials. Product based on premium raw materials, it doesn’t block meshes and passed positively production tests of 8 micron film. Ultra-high absorption effectiveness allows to reduce dosage even 70% in compare to other desiccants on the market.

Low dosage of our product additionally protects from loss of mechanical properties and paper-like effect of final products. Desiccant allows processors to use recyclate with high moisture content and extend the control of processing moisture sensitive polymers.

Desicco™ NG Features:

  • Highest effectiveness humidity absorber on market
  • Lower dosage – better mechanical properties
  • Excellent plasticization property, uniform micro particle diameter, no joint particle
  • Eliminates contaminations from prints
  • Can be storage outside the packaging 48 hours
  • Basing of original, virgin components
  • No mesh clogging

Desicco™ NG is environment-friendly and could save costs such as the labour, equipment and energy. Furthermore, it can keep product quality and yield to improve productivity.