BDK-IQ Intelligent Polymer

 BDK-IQ – Intelligent Transparent Compoundreklamowki induflex

BEDEKO EUROPE New Generation Intelligent Compound – Additive under trade mark: BDK-IQ.
It works as polymer additive to enhance the properties of PP/ HDPE / LDPE/ LLDPE Polymers. It results in increasing processing and mechanical parameters of PP/HDPE woven sacks, Non Wovens, PP/PE carry bags, injection & blow moulded products. BDK-IQ gives smoothness to process with decreasing cost of end products. The recommended rate of addition is 10 to even 40 % with polymer by weight in different applications. Loading product is dependent on polymer, economy purposed ( cheaper around 20% in compare to virgin polymers) and expecting final product mechanical properties.

BDK-IQ Compound is cheaper than Prime Virgin Polymers and can be dosage even 20% to transparent films and 40% in HDPE and coloured PE/PP offering huge raw polymer cost saving without losing mechanical properties.

BDK-IQ Benefits for blowing films

  • Increase strength and elasticity of blown  film bags (similar effect to talc)
  • Can replace virgin polymer even in 40% in recipe offering 20% cost reduction!
  • Increases output of production ( even 30% )
  • Help in increasing calcium  carbonate filler masterbatch dosage
  • Keeps of film, Antiblock effect
  • Induflex can be used in  recycling  polymer for  polymeric  stability  which result in better processing
  • In white films reduces TiO2 White Masterbatches dosage even 40%!
  • It regains gloss  an lustre which gets  reduced by  CaCo3 filler masterbatch
  • Reduce powder formation from  the surface  of the film
  • Smoothens the manufacturing process
  • Eliminates slippage problem in extruder
  • Reduces cost of bags

Additional Advantages of BDK-IQ in HDPE/PP Woven sack, Extrusions & Coating
 Highly suitable for Manufacturing low denier tapes & higher output extruder.
 Improves strength & surface properties.
 Ease of Processing by using Existing Processing Equipment without Modification.
 Increases High Stretch Ratio.