Fibre Grade Masterbatch

PP-Multifilament-YarnFibre grade masterbatches from Bedeko Europe offer strong competency of Dyes & Pigments and only with this strength Bedeko Europe has been able to evolve extensive range of products for mass coloration of Polyester, Polypropylene and PA6.

Our experience of designing colour masterbatches have excellent spin-ability, outstanding colour fastness and the longest screen pack life, ensuring the best cost-efficient solutions.

Bedeko Europe delivers a wide range of standard and customer masterbatches for the fiber industries such as Micro Filaments, Staple Fiber, Bulk Continuous Fiber and Spun-bonded Non-woven fabrics.

Support of Fiber Excellence Center
Fiber Excellence center which works 24/7 to meet our customer’s needs. This center is equipped with Pilot Spinning lines, Texturising machine, Twisting machine, spectrophotometer, IV Tester apart from Pilot Twin Screw extruder, Filter Press Value tester, to meet the most demanding requirements.

Bedeko Europe fibre masterbatches is constantly developing new and cost effective solutions, including both standard products and specialty masterbatches tailored to unique customer requirements.

Our Standard Products includes,

  • Single pigment concentrates based on PET/PBT
  • Single pigment concentrates based on Polypropylene
  • Tailored made concentrates based on PE, PP, PET/PBT